by William Shakespeare

Performed: Jul 2004

Director: Bruce Cox

Artwork for The Merry Wives of Windsor
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Sex, lies and laundry baskets……

Queen Elizabeth, according to legend, wanted to see Sir John Falstaff in love, but Shakespeare knew that the fat knight can only pretend to be in love.

So we find him in Windsor and short of cash. He hatches a plot to enrich himself by making love to two of the wealthiest wives of the town, only to find himself so outsmarted that all his attempts at seduction end in disaster and humiliation.

While Sir John is pursuing his amorous adventures, a gallery of farcical eccentrics, reveal a rollicking picture of English provincial life where love, lust, and laughter struggle with intrigue, snobbery and jealousy.

This is Shakespeare’s sunniest comedy and the only one to be set in England, perfect for a summer outing.

Wives may be merry and yet honest too.