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RoughCast is an East Anglian theatre company. We produce classic works of theatre for the love of it and tour them throughout Suffolk and Norfolk. We are based loosely around the Harleston area.

To get involved in acting, producing, directing, or backstage, simply contact us.

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Coming Up

For the foreseeable future RoughCast’s productions will be following all appropriate government guidelines in respect of rehearsals and performance. All the venues we will be performing in follow government guidelines current at the time with regard to booking, reduced seating to allow for distancing, other safeguard measures, refreshments and movement around the theatres. Full details can be found from the theatres direct.

Until social distancing rules have been relaxed, RoughCast will ensure that there is sufficient distance between actors and audience at all times so as to minimize the chances of cross-infection.

At RoughCast, we have our own Health & Safety guidance to keep cast members Covid secure.  It can be seen here.

Contrary to appearances, this is not the Annual Convention of Hannibal Lecter Enthusiasts but the first rehearsal for this summer’s production of The Tempest.  A balmy spring evening with full Witty-approved Covid measures deployed.

Our revels now begin.  These our actors, as I foretold, are full of spirits (gin mainly, for its antifreeze properties).

ReadthroughsClick here for details of forthcoming readthroughs.  All are welcome.

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