by Henrik Ibsen

Performed: Jul 2004

Director: Mark Burridge

Artwork for A Doll’s House
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Christmas Eve. The Helmers have arrived! Torvald Helmer after years of grafthas been appointed manager of the local bank and now he, his young wife Nora and daughter Emmy face a life of prosperity and assured social status.

That is, until a dark secret from Nora’s past puts this bourgeois idyll under threat.

Henrik Ibsen¹s most famous play with its central theme of self-realisation remains as topical as ever. If the notion of a wife questioning her duty to her husband and family and contemplating escape from the confines of a stifling marriage no longer has the ability to shock, A Doll¹s House still has the capacity to enthral its audience; not just because Ibsen is a master playwright who knows how to keep an audience on the edge of their seats, but because the pressures that Nora Helmer finds herself under are still as real in the twenty-first century as they were at the end of the nineteenth.