by William Shakespeare

Performed: Jul 2017

Director: Mark Burridge

Artwork for Twelfth Night (2017 Tour)
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We saw the play last night in Huntingfield and were most impressed.

What a performance and what a beautiful evening.

Thank you.

Allan Pike

Thanks for such a happy, pacy, joyful, funny production of Twelfth Night given by a confident cast who seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the audience. I could see it again and enjoy it as much.

Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Bruce Cox

Hi Paul

Kim & I attended the performance last night we had an enjoyable time. The whole performance was excellent.

Phil Poulton

In summer 2017, RoughCast presented Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

This is the second time RoughCast have staged this play but this production could hardly have been more different from the first. It was loosely set, for no reason anyone could remember after agreeing to it, in the American West with a distinctive Spaghetti Western feel to it. The “box tree” that the practical jokers hide behind became transformed into a pair of inflatable cactuses!


Summer 2017 sees RoughCast return to Shakespeare with another of their highly popular summer tours. Twelfth Night will be performing not just in theatres but in a wide range of outside venues. So dust off the picnic basket and the collapsible chairs, text your mates and enjoy a perfect summer evening’s entertainment featuring some of Shakespeare’s most famous lines and well loved characters.

In Illyria the beautiful Olivia is fending off the attentions of the lovesick Duke Orsino and threatening to lock herself up like a nun for the next seven years if he doesn’t stop pursuing her. Things seem to be at a stalemate until the arrival of shipwrecked twins Viola and Sebastian. Viola, believing her beloved brother drowned, dresses as a man (naturally) and gains employment with the Duke. She quickly becomes a favourite and is given the all important task of wooing Olivia on the Duke’s behalf. But poor Viola has fallen in love with the Duke, who obviously thinks she is a man. Things take a decided turn for the worst, however, when Olivia falls in love with Viola.

While Viola struggles to extricate from the confusion, Olivia is also the target for the machinations of her own steward, Malvolio, and her drunken uncle Sir Toby Belch.