by William Shakespeare

Performed: Nov 2008

Director: Mark Burridge

Artwork for King Lear
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Following the success of their highly-regarded production of Hamlet in 2005, RoughCast returned to Shakespeare with a fast-paced and dynamic production of arguably his greatest play – King Lear.

Pride, vanity and complacency are confronted by loyalty, wisdom and truth as Lear is forced to see the reality of his roles as king and father.

King Lear thinks he can retain the status and perks of kingship while giving all the power and responsibility for the kingdom to his daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. Once he loses his power, he sees its true value. His misjudgement of his daughters sends him mad and his country follows into civil war.

Family conflict, political backstabbing, war, madness, murder, dauntless heroes, humour, pathos, sibling rivalry, not to mention extreme weather events – King Lear has them all, and remains as relevant as ever.




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