by William Shakespeare

Performed: Mar 2018

Director: Paul Baker

Artwork for Measure for Measure
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In March 2018, RoughCast presented Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. This was the second time RoughCast has staged the play, the last being in 2000. The big thing this time around was the way the play’s main theme reverberated with current events, including the ´╝âMeToo movement.

The play was cut to put much more emphasis on the lowlife characters and therefore on the humour. So many who saw it said how unexpectedly funny they found the play.


We are fielding a mix of old and new faces. Lawrie Hammond, who has been a stalwart of local theatre for longer than he dare admit, joins us for his second outing with RoughCast. Tim Hall has similarly been a pillar of thespian endeavour in these parts for many years. He joins us for his maiden voyage in the good ship RoughCast. We also have two completely new faces in Anna Brinkley and Cathy Wilson. Cathy lives in Norwich and has made the considerable commitment to act with us despite the distance to rehearsals. Charles Ohsten travels a similar distance, from Ipswich, and he is fast becoming an old hand with us. Here’s the list:

Mark Burridge - Duke Vincentio

Keith Charman - Escalus

Peter Long - Angelo

Cathy Wilson - Isabella

Simon Evans - Lucio

Charles Ohsten

Penny Martin / Katie Wright - Mistress Overdone/Nun/Mariana

Tim Hall - Pompey Bum

Pat Parris - Provost

Ben Wilmott - Claudio

Anna Brinkley - Juliet/Servant/Messenger

Lawrie Hammond - Elbow/Abhorson

Bob Good - Friar Peter/Barnardine

Paul Baker - Director