by New Drama by Local Playwrights

Performed: Jul 2006

New writers can often become frustrated because it is so difficult to get theatre companies to even read their work, let alone stage it. RoughCast Theatre Company is keen to encourage local writers and some of their work was staged at St Edmunds Hall, Hoxne in April 2006. The production, called Secret Lives, featured four plays, three of them very short, within a two-hour performance period.

As I Walked By, by Mark Finbow from Little Stonham, is about a relationship which develops from a chance meeting of two young people in the foyer of a theatre. Crossing the Line, by Alan Huckle, from Eye, is set on a railway station at night and Learning to Cry, by the same author, is about a man struggling to come to terms with himself. Lyme Regis, by Jack Sadleir, from Fressingfield, is set in suburbia where an argument between a dysfunctional married couple is interrupted by a stranger. The plays were directed by Alex Casey, Yves Green, Lynne Kentish and Pat Parris with some of the area’s most talented and experienced actors.


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