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Julius Caesar2014 (William Shakespeare(

Returning victorious to Rome following civil war and riding a wave of popularity, is Julius Caesar about to be proclaimed emperor? Or will Brutus, Cassius and their fellow conspirators stop him and pr ...more | Go to production page

The Government Inspector2013 (Nikolai Gogol(

When news arrives that a Government Inspector is on his way to a small Russian town the corrupt and complaisant local officials are thrown into a frenzy. In their panic, they mistake a gormless, penni ...more | Go to production page

Much Ado About Nothing2013 (William Shakespeare(

"We are the only love-gods!" ...exclaims Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, as he embarks on one of "Hercules' labours" and attempts a love-match between Beatrice and Benedick (if they can stop their 'me ...more | Go to production page

Revenge en Suite2012 (Jack Sadleir(

A Joint Venture between Open Space and RoughCast Theatre Companies A comedy thriller with a literary twist. Set in a hotel on the south coast of England in the mid 1920ā€™s. Cast includes Open Spac ...more | Go to production page

Richard III2012 (William Shakespeare(

"Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this sun of York" With these immortal lines, on to the stage comes Shakespeare's most charismatic and most complete villain. And befo ...more | Go to production page

Comedy of Errors2011 (William Shakespeare(

When Shakespeare includes not one, but two sets of identical twins (twin servants and twin masters separated in infancy), what can result but the most hilarious series of mistakes? Add to the mix a wa ...more | Go to production page

Tis Pity She’s a Whore2010 (John Ford(

Roughcast Theatre Company present John Ford's controversial Caroline era classic 'Tis Pity She's A Whore. In great Shakespearean tradition the play follows two star-crossed lovers who are destined ...more | Go to production page

Playing with Fire2009 (Jo Clifford(

A magical comedy of alchemy, devilry and desire. In a crypt in 14th century France Justina, an alchemist, and her husband Fernando are engaged in a hapless and frustrating search for the Philosophe ...more | Go to production page

Twelfth Night2009 (William Shakespeare(

What happens when a bunch of shipwrecked mariners wash up on an island peopled by the indolent rich who spend their time in love intrigues? The cat is very much put among the pigeons and the old love ...more | Go to production page

King Lear2008 (William Shakespeare(

Following the success of their highly-regarded production of Hamlet in 2005, RoughCast returned to Shakespeare with a fast-paced and dynamic production of arguably his greatest play - King Lear. Pr ...more | Go to production page