Bloody Poetry2019 (Howard Brenton(

Please Note: This production is not suitable for small children. Tickets £10; students £6 Bloody Poetry  explores the relationship between the poets Byron and Shelley and their wives and ...more | Go to production page

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2019 Tour)2019 (William Shakespeare(

Summer 2019 This summer we will perform Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  We last staged this play in 2003 and completed our tour by taking it to France.  We will be doing the same again ...more | Go to production page

Hobson’s Choice2019 (Harold Brighouse(

" You're my man Will Mossop!" Harold Brighouse's immortal comedy begins in the well-established boot shop of Henry Horatio Hobson; so successful is his business that Hobson is content to drink ...more | Go to production page

Measure for Measure2018 (William Shakespeare(

In March 2018, RoughCast presented Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. This was the second time RoughCast has staged the play, the last being in 2000. The big thing this time around was the way the pla ...more | Go to production page

Twelfth Night (2017 Tour)2017 (William Shakespeare(

In summer 2017, RoughCast presented Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. This is the second time RoughCast have staged this play but this production could hardly have been more different from the first. It ...more | Go to production page

A Christmas Carol2016 (Charles Dickens(

 In December 2016, RoughCast presented its first ever Christmas show: Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol . The well-loved story of the redemption of the miserly Scrooge will be presented i ...more | Go to production page

Charley’s Aunt2016 (Brandon Thomas(

In spring 2016 RoughCast brought you one of the funniest and most entertaining farces of all time. Charley’s Aunt centres on two Oxford undergraduates in search of a chaperone for a visit from their ...more | Go to production page

As You Like It2015 (William Shakespeare(

RoughCast toured Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It in East Anglia in July 2015 before taking it across the Channel to France, repeating the journey of our successful 2003 tour of A Midsummer Night ...more | Go to production page

Julius Caesar2014 (William Shakespeare(

Returning victorious to Rome following civil war and riding a wave of popularity, is Julius Caesar about to be proclaimed emperor? Or will Brutus, Cassius and their fellow conspirators stop him and pr ...more | Go to production page

The Government Inspector2013 (Nikolai Gogol(

When news arrives that a Government Inspector is on his way to a small Russian town the corrupt and complaisant local officials are thrown into a frenzy. In their panic, they mistake a gormless, penni ...more | Go to production page