Special performances

Want RoughCast to perform at a venue of your choosing?

We regularly get asked if we might stage a production for a particular event or venue.  It makes us very happy to think that people like what we do enough to ask. 

Inevitably, we tend to get asked when a production is already running and then it is very difficult to accommodate extra performances.  Our aim is to keep a note of those who ask and then to keep them updated about future productions so that arrangements can be made in good time.

If you might be interested in a commissioned performance, make sure to sign up for our regular newsletter.  That way you should get advance warning of upcoming productions.

An important note about publicity

We tend to keep to known venues because we have have built up something of a following at them.  Our standard means of getting the word out seems to work. 

There have been occasions in the past when we have gone further afield and been disappointed in terms of audience numbers.  We put this down mainly to poor publicity.  When we are performing outside our normal range, we rely heavily on an effective local advertisement campaign.  If there is doubt about that being provided, we would probably decline the invitation.

Private performances with an invited audience have generally worked well.