It is with great sadness that we heard of Martin’s death last Sunday. Martin was a much-loved member of RoughCast, who will be fondly remembered by all those who acted with him or who witnessed his performances. 

Martin had a wonderful stage presence as is clearly evidenced by the fact that he always seemed to merit a mention in any review, even if his time on stage was relatively brief. He performed in four productions, all of which I was fortunate enough to direct: Richard III, Gogol’s The Government Inspector, Julius Caesar and A Christmas Carol. 

Offstage Martin was a natural gentleman, as well of course as a leading scientist in the field of agriculture and I invite you to find out more about his fascinating work here .

Onstage Martin, with that distinctive shock of wavy white hair, combined gravitas and serenity with a natural feeling for comedy and the absurd. This versatility was perhaps best illustrated in his contribution to our Shakespeare productions where he turned his hand to matters military, conspiratorial, and clerical: playing a Roman senator and general, an English cardinal, or a variety of terrifying sword-and-shield wielding soldiers.

I feel myself very lucky to have known Martin. We will miss this thoughtful, wise and generous man. The world needs more Martins.

Mark Burridge

Artistic Director