Roughcast Theatre Company

Health and Safety Information – COVID-19

Roughcast Theatre Company is committed to keeping all company members safe during these unprecedented times and there will be certain control methods in place during the rehearsal period and moving forward into our outdoor tour this Summer.

As the restrictions are eased we acknowledge that not everyone will have been vaccinated and that people will have vulnerable family members to consider.

As you all have seen from the rehearsal schedule we will only be rehearsing outdoors until the restrictions on social distancing are lessened, thus mitigating the risk created by close personal contact as much as possible. Social distancing/regular hand sanitising and mask wearing are still very important.

How are we going to manage being COVID secure?

  1. Your temperature will be taken when you arrive – the NHS consider 38c to be a high temperature and a sign that you are fighting infection.
  2. Hand Sanitiser will be available to use before the start of rehearsals, even better if you bring your own and use as needed. Hand washing could be difficult given the outside nature of the rehearsals. Toilets near the entrance to houses all be available and will be cleaned and made ready for use before rehearsals.
  3. Social distancing is important and with the outside rehearsals this should be much easier. Once allowed and if we need to be INSIDE then everyone will have their own space to sit/eat etc as much as possible. Also masks will need to be worn unless you are onstage.
  4. We would like everyone to bring their own mugs etc for tea breaks, this avoids touching high contact surfaces and the use of communal mugs and utensils. Also please bring your own garden chair for rehearsal and performance.
  5. Any props will be cleaned regularly by SM and where a prop has to be passed between actors this will be kept to a minimum. As long as all the company are washing/sanitising hands regularly then the risks are minimised. 6. Your Covid Kit….a great idea and adopted by many theatre companies and groups. We would ask that each company member has their own named box with lid in which to keep personal sanitiser/spare masks/mug/script and any personal belongings…this can then travel with them to rehearsal and from venue to venue.
  6. We encourage all actors and others involved in rehearsals and performances to undertake a lateral flow test twice a week now that test kits are freely available.

Safety Matters: All of the points above have focused on measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and if you have any concerns about how things will work or even a better idea then please let myself or Mark know.

Thank you for your co-operation and here’s to a great Summer tour.

Erica (Stage Manager) March 2021 (updated May 2021)