by Harold Brighouse

Performed: Mar 2019

Director: Mark Burridge

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Date/ TimeVenueIndoor/ OutdoorPicnics Permitted?Food/ Drink Available?Tickets/ Box Office
Sat 23rd Feb 2019 7:30pmGarboldisham Village HallIndoorNoDrinks only01379 586745 or or at Garboldisham Village Stores
Sun 24th Feb 2019 2:30pmHoxne Village HallIndoorNoDrinks only01379 586745 or

You’re my man Will Mossop!”

Harold Brighouse’s immortal comedy begins in the well-established boot shop of Henry Horatio Hobson; so successful is his business that Hobson is content to drink away his days in the bar of the Moonraker’s Inn with his cronies. As far as he is concerned, Hobson’s only worry is his “uppity” daughters who seek to curb his drinking. However, a real challenge to his authority and his livelihood is waiting round the corner. His oldest daughter, Maggie, tired of shouldering both home and business responsibilities for her thankless father and love struck sisters has a plan.

Much to the hilarity and consternation of her father, Maggie sets her sights on shy Will Mossop, Hobson’s master boot-maker. Mossop is at first stunned by the suggestion, but eventually submits to Maggie’s powers of persuasion, and together they set up a rival boot shop.

Brighouse’s comedy is as fresh, sharp and engaging now as the day it was first performed, as we root for Maggie and Will as they take on the overbearing Hobson and the “Victorian values” of everyone else to find success and (yes indeed) true love!

Following last year’s acclaimed production of “Measure for Measure”, RoughCast present more comedy and intrigue but this time of a more gentle and down-to-earth variety.


This amateur production of Hobson’s Choice is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.