Shakespeare 2019

Many of you will know that we have taken two productions to France, once in 2003 (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and again in 2015 (As You Like It).  Both occasions were so joyous that we decided to do it more often.  So we are planning to take our next summer production of a Shakespeare comedy to France in 2019.  It’s a long way off, but we do need a good run up for all the organisation involved.  In particular, we need to involve cast and crew early on.

It is quite likely that we shall do A Midsummer Night’s Dream again.  It’s a play that has all sorts of parts, both young and old.

We will be organizing meetings for all interested parties from now on and would encourage anyone who might be interested to come along.  In the early stages, we will not require full commitment.  An expression of interest will be enough. Watch out for announcements through newsletters, Facebook, and other media.


Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure

After the summer frolics of Twelfth Night the comedy takes a darker turn as RoughCast present Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. With sexual misdeeds much in the news in Hollywood, Westminster and beyond, the timing for this darkly comic exploration of social justice and sexual politics could not have been better. 


Lord Angelo, appointed to govern in the absence of the Duke, insists on the strict implementation of ‘the all binding law’, sentencing to death the young Claudio for getting his wife-to-be pregnant. But what of Angelo’s control and authority when he falls prey to exactly those urges when Isabella, a novice nun, pleads for her brother’s life. Caught up in the action are a medley of nuns and prostitutes, a pirate, pimps and friars.


Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall. 
This will be RoughCast’s 13th Shakespeare play.

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