The planned autumn production has now become the spring production.  We will put on Harold Brighouse’s Hobson’s Choice.  Dates 21 February to 9 March 2019.


In summer next year, we plan to stage Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  This will be an outdoor production (mainly) and will be the second time we have staged the play.  The last time was in 2005 and just like then, we aim to finish the run by taking it to France!  The British leg will take place in July followed by the French leg 3 – 10 August 2019.


If you have signed up to receive our newsletter, you will be notified of upcoming events that may include read-throughs of potential plays.   But don’t be afraid to let us know if you would like to be considered for a part.  We welcome new talent.


We are having one of our occasional read-throughs of stage plays in September.  We have these partly to assess plays that we might stage, partly to give an opportunity to meet new talent, and partly as a general social event, usually when we don’t have anything better to do!




Date: 20 September 2018
Time: 7.30pm
Play:  The Miser (L’Avare)
Playwright: Molière


Shakespeare 2019

Many of you will know that we have taken two productions to France, once in 2003 (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and again in 2015 (As You Like It).  Both occasions were so joyous that we decided to do it more often.  So we are planning to take our next summer production of a Shakespeare comedy to France in 2019.  It’s a long way off, but we do need a good run up for all the organisation involved.  In particular, we need to involve cast and crew early on.

It is quite likely that we shall do A Midsummer Night’s Dream again.  It’s a play that has all sorts of parts, both young and old.

We will be organizing meetings for all interested parties from now on and would encourage anyone who might be interested to come along.  In the early stages, we will not require full commitment.  An expression of interest will be enough. Watch out for announcements through newsletters, Facebook, and other media.